Habit & Health

Habit and Health is an online health coaching company. We use habits and a focus on behaviour change to help you towards a healthier body and mind.

Our Mission

To improve your wellbeing, increase your resilience and help you to become a healthier individual so you can be more effective and happier in life.

Our Vision

To popularise well-being. Much like Headspace has popularised meditation and Joe Wicks has popularised HIIT training. We want to make well-being as accessible as possible so people have the tools necessary to look after themselves effectively.


Paul is a health coach from Chester in the UK. Whilst working as an outdoor personal trainer, a wellbeing physiologist, a research exercise scientist and a diabetes prevention coach for the last 8 years he decided to setup Habit and Health.

  • BSc Sport and Exercise Science
  • Diploma in Health and Wellbeing
  • Level 2 Precision Nutrition Coach
  • Life long learner

Research: Child obesity.

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Books- A guide to becoming an Outdoor trainer.


When I’m not coaching.

Food, surfing, hiking & bouldering are my main loves. I’m definitely at my happiest when I’m in the outdoors. I love to go surfing down in Devon, hiking in Wales and skiing in the French alps.