Habit and Health Podcast

Habit and Health Podcast

When I was asked by Debra from Bridge Road Consultants to do a podcast about Habit + Health, I initially felt unworthy. Habit and health wasn’t ‘big enough’ to be on any sort of business podcast yet.

Along with putting that self doubt aside and knowing that the bridging gaps business podcast was focussed on all aspects the of the business life cycle I agreed.

Working with a whole range of clients over the last 7 years, it’s normally me who’s asking the questions and listening to peoples thoughts, emotions and opinions.

So it was not only strange but actually a little bit refreshing to be asked some questions about habit and health and I, in particular questions that I wouldn’t have thought about asking myself. In that respect I probably came out of the podcast with a little more insight on Habit and Health than when I went in.

The podcast really goes over a little but about my background but also what I’m working towards with Habit and Health.

Enjoy 🙂

Check out the podcast here 

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