3 reasons you might not be getting the results you want & how to overcome them

3 reasons you might not be getting the results you want & how to overcome them

1. Exercise is taking priority over nutrition

Bob decided he wanted to get in shape, so he did what he thought he should do to get into shape. He got a gym membership and started hitting the treadmills and machines. He did this for months but only made small progress on his weight loss goals.

He was consistent with his exercise and was doing great but ultimately he was frustrated with his progress, so he stopped.

Ever been in a similar situation?

Sorry for the simplistic story but it just describes how it’s an easy trap for anyone to fall in.

Try something for a while, then stop when it doesn’t feel like it’s working.

What Bob and many people don’t realise is that although increasing their exercise levels is a really positive step in improving their health, neglecting their eating habits could be one of the main factors setting them back.

How we eat and what we eat has such a powerful effect on our health, how we look and feel, not to mention our weight.

We’d be silly not to make lasting changes to the way we eat if we want to achieve these things.

Boosting your nutrition focus

Therefore if you want to make powerful changes to how you look and feel in everyday life, you might want to consider addressing your eating habits.

  • Raise your awareness. Think about your diet and how it affects you. Think about what you eat and if those foods are supporting or hindering your goals.
  • Start building healthy eating habits into your life. Focus on adding in good habits rather than restricting foods.
  • Make the change do-able. Start with small and achievable instead of big changes—ie getting a bit more protein in at breakfast rather than changing the change whole meal in one go.
  • Progress the changes over time. Build on successfully achieved habits over time.


2. You have a short term focus

We all do it.

Have a big panic in spring time and realise we’ve been wearing thick jumpers since September last year (UK) and realise we’ll be getting into our tight swimwear in only a month or so, bearing all to see.

This is usually about the time we see that facebook ad telling us we can get insane abs in 6 weeks or details of the next best detox diet.

The allure of the short term goal is so tempting to us that we want to believe we can put on 10kg of lean muscle over the next month or lose 2 stone ASAP.

I’m not saying you can’t do these things, but having this short term focus often sets us up for failure. This can also cause damage to us, physically and psychologically.

More importantly, how do we maintain those results after the short term period when we:

  • Have busy, demanding jobs that sap our time and energy.
  • CBA to exercise today.
  • Aren’t sure if we can go back to eating carbs again.
  • Go back to joining our friends for regular drinks.

From what I understand, we’re in our bodies for the rest of our lives, not just this summer.

In that case, if we focus on long term change instead of intense dieting we’re more likely keep the results we want, but most importantly, be happy instead of frustrated.

Good health maintenance is the tortoise in the tortoise and the hare story.

Focussing on the bigger picture

  • Focus on making small consistent changes over the long term rather that drastic changes over the short term.
  • Focus on making changes that you have confidence in sticking to for the long term. (Am I actually going to quit chocolate forever or would halving my intake be more achievable right now).
  • Find people that will support you on your journey to great health.


3. You’re not accountable to anyone

No-one is always motivated to exercise and eat healthy food.

That includes teachers, personal trainers, train drivers, athletes and even nutrition coaches. Like I said, no-one.

There will be days where you just CBA to do anything or simply feel too busy to get the job done.

When you’re a lone wolf it’s easy to skip a workout or have a burger for lunch as it’s only you and your conscious that are keeping checks.

It’s when these skipped workouts and fluctuating eating habits become consistent that they become a problem. They become consistent more easily when you don’t have anyone to check in with like a friend or a coach.

Trying to achieve anything in life is more difficult when done alone than when you:

  1. Have a process to follow
  2. Have someone supporting you along the way

This is why we go to school with teachers and a curriculum and not just left to our own devices.

This is why entrepreneurs and business owners have mentors so that they have someone to guide them to where they want to go. But more importantly so that they have someone to make sure they are doing what’s consistently required in order to get there.

How to stay consistent

  • Find someone who can help keep you accountable.
  • Like a friend, coach, partner or even using social media.
  • Ask them to check up on you, by asking how many sessions did you do this week, some pics of your meals or just a general chat about your consistency.
  • Reciprocate and help them to stay accountable also if needed.


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