5 must-have tools for happiness and health

5 must-have tools for happiness and health

Sometimes we just need a bit of guidance to help us along the way.

Guidance can come in many forms such as help from a friend or coach or even more simply it can be help from an app, tool, resource or book.

In my eyes when it comes to working on our happiness and health, anything that can give us a nudge in the right direction or keep us consistent is worth giving a go.

Today I’m recommending 5 tools to help give you some guidance in improving your health and happiness.

I haven’t just picked these 5 out of a hat, they’re all tools that I use regularly or on a daily basis. The key is to use and build these tools as habits into your lifestyle one at a time.





This is one of my favourite apps, as I use it most days and have been doing so for the last 3 years.

Headspace makes mindfulness accessible and non ‘’woo woo’’ for everyone. It’s basically guided meditation which progresses as you move through the sessions.

It’s not just about sitting there trying to clear your thoughts. It’s more about becoming more aware of your current physical and mental state, noticing your thoughts and placing more emphasis on the present moment.

I use it to help me

  • Take a step back from my overthinking mind.
  • Focus on the present moment more.
  • Increase my awareness of how I’m feeling.

But don’t just trust me, many high achievers use mindfulness to perform and recover better such as Tim ferris, Arianna Huffington, Hugh Jackman and Jeff Bridges.

Just knowing that Jeff Bridges meditates is a good enough excuse for me.

Research links meditation to a reduction in stress levels, increased happiness, reduced anxiety, improved memory, structural changes in the brain, better emotional regulation and yep you guessed it, relaxation.

Give it a go. Headspace gives away 10 days of meditation for free.



Yes it’s called the bodybuilding cookbook and uses terminology like ‘’mass building’’ and ‘’get shredded’’. Not terms I usually associate myself with.

However, this is a great little cookbook with a lot of awesome and simple recipes. The advice is sound, focuses on real whole food and doesn’t overcomplicate things, which is what I like.

I think a lot of health cook-books these days try and overcomplicate things and use obscure ingredients that most of us don’t use day to day.

I like the simple, I like the real.




This is a cool resource for those starting out with exercise that want some visual guidance.

Their youtube channel has a wide variety of workouts like HIIT, yoga and core workouts.

It won’t provide a structured exercise plan for you, but it’s a good option if you’re unsure where to start and want to smash out a 20 minute HIIT session in your living room.



I’ve started using this over the last few months to help:

  • Organise my day.
  • Give myself a short list of key focuses for the day.
  • Build some gratitude.

The best self journal is a cross between a regular diary and a journal. It gives you space to set out goals and keep them in mind regularly.

It also emphasises gratitude note taking which is a huge aspect of positive psychology and happiness.

When I use it I find that I have more clarity over my focus for the day and also makes sure I write down my gratitudes for the day.

If you don’t fancy the price tag then get a regular diary or a note pad and write down your days to dos, 3 gratitudes and your current main goal.





This is a great app to help build positive habits into your life. I use it to stay consistent with meditation.

It enables you to create a habit, set reminders and track consistency to the habit over time.

At habit and health when building habits we recommend:

  • Focussing on 1 habit at a time- regardless of what the app says.
  • Go for 2-3 weeks per habit.
  • Focus on positive, adding in habits (meditate today, eat more veggies at each meal) instead of negative, taking away habits (cut out carbs, stop eating sweets etc).

It’s basically a good template for creating change in your life.

Thanks for checking out my top 5 tools. Hopefully this’ll give you some inspiration to get started on what I consider to be the 5 foundations of health and happiness.

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