How to harness your thinking

How to harness your thinking

Do you ever think about your thinking?

Strange question I know, but it’s something that I’ve been doing a lot more of over the last year or so.

Taking a few moments every now and again to 1) stop 2) develop some awareness of our thinking  3) and then either let go of those thoughts or do something about them can have a huge impact on our daily lives.

When I say ‘thinking’ I mean our common thoughts, distractions and self talk (negative and positive).

My head for sure is constantly whirring around all day with a myriad of thoughts, from general distractions, planning what I’m going to do next to negative self deprecatory thinking (stop doing this, you’re wasting your time, you’re not as fit as you should be) and so on.

We live in a distraction filled world.

Along with constant connectivity to other people’s lives.

This can lead us to living on cruise control with a lack of awareness of our current state of physical and emotional wellbeing.

Checking in with ourselves every now and again can help us to reduce these external anxieties and replace them with a level of internal happiness.

A few ideas 

With the aim to:

-Help you step away from distracting thinking

-Help you focus on the current moment

-Increase your self-awareness and better understand how you’re feeling

Have a go at these

Stop every now and again. Do this daily if possible for at least 10 mins to check in with yourself

Raise your self-awareness. Do this by thinking about how your body feels, what sort of mood are you in, how are you feeling today, do you notice any regular thought patterns?

Think about bright spots in your life. What’s going well for you right now.

Build some appreciation for now. What do you truly appreciate in your life right now- family, friends, that coffee you just had, opportunity in life, the weather, and so on.

Building a sense of appreciation in life (being grateful) instead of expectation (expecting things to be better in some way) will massively affect how happy you feel.

Have some compassion. For yourself and others. Build yourself up, don’t beat yourself up. Negative thinking, comparing yourself to others or thinking that you’re not doing well in a) b) or c)  doesn’t get you anywhere.

Self-affirmations aren’t corny quotes you say in your head, but a positive method for confirming to yourself of your own value. This can help you to stay consistent and motivated when trying to achieve a goal and break negative thinking patterns.

‘’You can do it’’ ‘’keep going’’ ‘’ you can achieve anything in life’’ ‘’you’re doing awesome, keep pushing on’’

They might sound a little cheesy, but creating one that resonates with your situation might just help you.

Alternatively a mindfulness app like headspace is a good place to start.

If you ever feel bogged down by heavy thoughts or overwhelmed with the amount of thinking you do on a daily basis then give the above ideas a go.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment below.

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