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Nutrition coaching for you & your clients

Want to help your clients and business more?


Per month if you sign up 5 clients


Per month if you sign up 50 clients

Improve your clients health

Extra cash for you

Free nutrition coaching for you

What’s it all about?

Online nutrition coaching for your clients

A free nutrition coaching spot for yourself

Help your clients total health

A no fuss bolt on to your current services. 

Earn monthly commission for yourself

Better results means happy clients.

For the health professional

This is for you if…

  • You’re a physio, chiro, fitness trainer or related health pro.
  • You think a nutrition coaching bolt on would benefit your clients.
  • You want to best help your clients overall health.
  • You want to earn a little bit of cash on the side.

What you get:

  • Monthly commission based on the no of clients you sign up.
  • 30% commission per client, £15/month out of £50/pm.
  • Free access to the programme for you or a friend.
  • Nutritional recovery support for your client.
  • A happy client.



What your clients get

  • A 12 month online nutrition coaching programme.
  • Only £1.66 per day.
  • Nutrition changes to support their physical recovery.
  • Their own nutrition coach for support and accountability.
  • Daily nutrition lessons and new eating habits every 2 weeks.
  • A 3 week no risk free trial / no contract – cancel anytime.
  • A focus on creating sustainable eating habits.
  • Access to a tried and tested system.


The aim

  • To help your clients get in great shape.
  • To support your clients recovery – reduce inflammation.
  • Help your clients take control over their eating behaviours.
  • To learn new strategies around eating and create  healthy habits.
  • To move away from dieting and short term fixes.
  • To create sustainable health changes that fit their lifestyle.

What to do next

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Tell your clients

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