Look after yourself

Look after yourself

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The problem we have


In the current world we live in we’re often overstressed, under slept, overworked and busy, busy, busy. On top of this there’s a multitude of life events that affect our ability to be healthy. We have kids, we get busy at work, we let things slide, weeks become months that in turn become years.

We look back and it feels like forever that we did any sort of exercise, let alone planned a week of healthy meals.

Or maybe you’re already exercising plenty and doing your best to eat well despite being crazy busy. But, you’re struggling to maintain stable control of your health and you’re not feeling the best that you could, both physically and psychologically.

Often the solution is to create a stable foundation of recovery, personal wellbeing and mind health.

If we can recover better and increase our sense of wellbeing, generally the rest falls into place. Despite this, making sure we have time to recover and work on the health of our minds often gets overlooked. Even though it’s one of the most important things that affects how we feel and function in life.

Our ‘look after yourself’ course covers a range of areas such as sleep improvement, stress management, nutrition, movement, recovery, increasing resilience, personal improvement and mindfulness.

More than this, it’s designed to help you actually take action. We use habits as a way to help you practise what we teach and what you learn. This way you’re not guessing what action you need to take, we’re telling you exactly what to do. With the in built community and coaching support you’ll be sure to make some positive and potentially life changing improvements.

The course

Access to an 8 week interactive online wellbeing course

Join a community of people like you, wanting to improve themselves.

Using habit building as a tool to help you make changes

Complete missions, level up, earn points on a fun & interactive platform.

Missions on stress, sleep, recovery, mindset, nutrition & personal improvement.

You’re not alone, you’ll have coaching support along our journey 

Giving you a roadmap and the tools to better well-being and your best self.

Get to grips with your well-being

8 weeks to become a more resilient person physically and psychologically.

That’s the mission, and our aim is to help you get there, but also to help change the way you think about health and wellbeing. In todays world you don’t have to look too far to find workout and nutrition programmes. The health and fitness world is all about more. More workouts, more intensity and  more dieting.

It’s rare and definitely unique to find someone offering a programme for the opposite: recovery & wellbeing.

Our course is focussed on helping you to look after yourself as a whole, working from the inside out, not the other way around.

Created by


Paul Rayner Bsc PN2 – Health Coach

Paul has worked in the health industry for the last 7 years helping people to improve their health in various ways and more recently as a health coach focused on helping people to make positive changes. His primary interests are in wellbeing, behaviour change and digital health coaching. More here.

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