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Tired of short term results?

There’s not much point in making radical changes to your diet, exercise and lifestyle if you can’t maintain it. We use behaviour change and habits so you can sustain your changes.

Nutrition Coaching

One to One

It’s tough  to get started when you go it alone. Working with Paul will help to keep you on track, as you make awesome changes to your health and progress towards your deep goals. More here.


Pro-coach is the nutrition coaching software we use to provide structure for your health change. You’ll build and track eating habits online, have home or gym workouts to use and get daily lessons to help you grow.


This isn’t some BS quick fix where we blindly focus on increasing exercise and decreasing calories. We work together to improve your sleep, resilience, stress levels and the behaviours behind your eating.

Improve your life

Health means a lot of different things to different people. It might mean being a healthy weight, looking great or just having more energy throughout the day.

What unites health though, is its ability to completely change our lives for the better.

Helping clients over the last 7 years has shown me this powerful effect. When we have good physical and psychological health, we thrive, we feel confident, we feel in control and ultimately we feel a lot happier with ourselves. 

My aim is to help you achieve all of these things and your more personal health goals so you can be your best self.

The package

One to One

We’ll have a 15-30 min face to face WhatsApp video/facetime check in every other week or 30-60mins monthly + you’ll have online messaging support around this to ask any questions.

Home + Gym plans

Home and gym workout plans for all abilities even if you have no equipment. I can create specific plans for your goals which will help you progress your fitness.

Eating habits

We’re about building habits into your life, not diets, not meal plans & not calorie counting. We’ll track your eating habits online with pro-coach & I’ll help you to take small steps that build to big results over time.


Pro-coach is the online hub where we’ll track your measurements, you’ll get daily nutrition lessons, build and track new habits and get access to your workouts.


This is about your story, your life, your needs and your goals. Health coaching with me, is about you. I’ll do what I can to make your coaching experience unique to your and your needs.


I’ll help set you down a road that may impact your direction & outlook in life. I’ll do this by breaking down the complex health jargon into manageable and actionable habits that you feel confident in implementing.

What others are saying

I’m finding the coaching programme a great tool to keep me on track with making healthier and better choices day-by-day. It helps me recognise that I won’t get everything perfect everyday, but that I can pick up again the following day without feeling guilty or bad about myself as I’m working on a new goal…


Paul really keeps me going and on track. It really helps that there’s someone on the other end reading my responses and giving me advice and encouraging feedback. Paul really makes me feel like he cares if I succeed, and is always quick to answer questions or give me advice and recommendations when I’m struggling…


One to One

  • Free 3 week trial and consultation
  • One to One Skype Coaching
  • Daily nutrition lessons
  • Habit Building
  • Workouts
  • Online and WhatsApp coaching
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