Epic roasted red pepper soup recipe

Epic roasted red pepper soup recipe

Simple, tasty, warming.

That’s how I’d explain this recipe.

Soup shouldn’t be complex.  It should be a whack it in the pan job and Bob’s your Uncle.

All I want to have to do is CHOP ->ROAST ->BLITZ ->EAT.

My favourite way of cooking soup is to roast the veg first. This helps to add an extra level of flavour and to concentrate the flavours. You just can’t beat roast garlic!

This is a classic #slowbatch recipe that I recommend doubling up the ingredients and making a big batch so that you can enjoy it over a few days.

You could try separating portions into containers on a Sunday ready for your work lunches during the week. Just add a side portion of cooked chicken/fish/salad for some bulk and protein.


  1. 4 red peppers
  2. 2 onions chopped in half
  3. 3-4 small/medium sweet potatoes chopped into chunks
  4. 4-5 cloves of garlic- unpeeled
  5.  2-3 tsp Paprika
  6. Olive oil
  7. Veg Stock


The method


  • Heat an oven to 180c.
  • Chuck all ingredients into 1-2 large oven trays.
  • Mix it all up, making sure the oil covers all of the ingredients.
  • Cook until the ingredients are soft and are starting to get some colour (30-40mins)
  • Remove from the oven and place in a big stove top pan + squeeze out the garlics.
  • Add water to cover the ingredients along with stock.
  • Heat the pan and cook for a few mins.
  • Blitz it all.
  • Add more/less water depending on the consistency of the soup (I like a moderately thick soup- somewhere between water and wallpaper paste).

Thanks for reading : )


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