Pimp your water

Pimp your water

This is a super simple blog helping spark some inspiration to pimp your water.

Let’s face it, chugging down 2-3 litres of water everyday can get boring. Sometimes you want something with a bit of flavour!

Having water doesn’t have to be so boring.

The problem is, water is pretty damn necessary for our survival and is probably the best option to go for fluid wise if you’re trying to lose weight.

Fruit juices, cold pressed juices and smoothies have a bit too much sugar in for us to have 2 litres worth.

The solution is to add some fruit, veg,  herbs and cold ice (in summer) to your drinks aka learning how to pimp your water.

Try these combos

Add some ice to all of these.

—A squeeze of lemon + a sprig of mint

—Chopped pink grapefruit + mint

—Chopped strawberries + peeled cucumber

—Strawberries + Lemon + Basil

—Strawberries + Lime + cucumber

—Watermelon and mint

Get a quality

A quick tip to make sure you get enough water in your day is to buy a 500ml or 1L (BPA free) bottle or flask.

This way you can easily keep track of how much your having and chug more if you need to.

I use this flask which keeps my water cold or hot for a long time, like 12 hours or something. I got it from amazon if you’re interested in getting a similar one.

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