I’m finding the coaching programme a great tool to keep me on track with making healthier and better choices day-by-day. It helps me recognise that I won’t get everything perfect everyday, but that I can pick up again the following day without feeling guilty or bad about myself as I’m working on a new goal each day.

The fact that I get an email every morning is a good reminder each day to focus on making small changes. Paul has been really helpful in keeping me on track by helping me identify goals that I want to focus on each week.

The main benefit I’ve gained is consistency through Paul’s help and nutrition coaching helping me to make more positive decisions for my health and fitness on a daily basis.


I am getting a huge amount from the pro-coach program. Before I started I felt reasonably confident I knew about nutrition and what a good diet was, but pro-coach is helping me focus a week at a time on my food choices and how to improve them. I find the 2 weekly habits are brilliant for giving me time to work on one aspect of my diet at a time – you look and see whats going well and what’s not, and to identify things that lead to poorer food choices.

It really looks at the psychological side of what you eat and trigger foods, as well as the nutritional side. I would HIGHLY recommend it, I really think that pro-coach is something anyone interested in improving their diet and health, and losing weight, should do. Paul is a wonderful coach, and I don’t think the nutrition program would work anywhere near as well with out such a great mentor.

Instead of going on some kind of short term restriction diet, following a consistent healthy eating regime that has a long term direction and plan has already helped me lose weight, and given me the confidence that I can and will continue to lose weight.