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Workplace nutrition & health  for your staff

Want to help your staff and business more?


Days lost to staff being off sick per year


Cost of staff sickness/presenteeism

Improve your staff health

Happier staff

More productive staff

What’s it all about?

Online nutrition & health coaching for your staff

A focus on healthy behaviours

Healthier staff means happier staff.

For your business

  • Stress, anxiety, pressure and poor health affect productivity.
  • Low productivity impacts your work output and profit.
  • Healthier staff means happier staff.
  • Happier staff are more productive.
  • Healthier, happier staff stay in their jobs longer.
  • A free spot on the programme to try it for yourself.

What your staff get

  • A 12 month online nutrition/health coaching programme.
  • Their own health coach for support and accountability.
  • Daily nutrition lessons and new eating habits every 2 weeks.
  • A focus on creating sustainable eating & health habits.
  • Access to a tried and tested system.

The aim

  • To help your staff get in great shape.
  • Help your staff take control over their eating behaviours.
  • To learn new strategies around eating and create healthy habits.
  • To move away from dieting and short term fixes.
  • To create sustainable health changes that fit their lifestyle.

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