Home workout- 17 minutes

Home workout- 17 minutes

I’ve got another home workout video for you.

This time it’s a little longer at 17 minutes so it’ll test you a little more but it’s short enough to fit in when you haven’t got a lot of time.

Stay in time and stick to the plan if you can, but if you need easier exercises check them out below.



Bodyweight HIIT plan

17 minutes

  1. Press ups (perform on knees if tough)
  2. Jumping lunges (or reverse lunges)
  3. Side plank 30 seconds each side
  4. Squat jumps 30 seconds into squat sit 30 seconds (or regular squats)
  5. Leg flutters (or a hollow hold)

Timed– 60 seconds per exercise, 60 seconds rest after all 5, 3 rounds.

Make it easier by having a longer rest and doing less rounds.

Make it harder by having less/no rest, doing more rounds or wearing a weight vest : )

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