Best Surf Workout Video

Best Surf Workout Video

I really got into surfing properly, last year. I bought a wetsuit and a surfboard and was hooked. Just being outdoors, moving in a landscape that is the polar opposite of urban London is calming and a great escape for the mind.

Surfing is almost like a meditation. You’re very focused on what your doing and it forces you to be present which is often a difficult thing to achieve with our modern lives.

This is basically a form of flow. And the more we can get ourselves into flow (being 100% focussed on the task, and enjoying it so much that time seems to fly) the better.

I’ve found for me that FLOW + OUTDOORS is a winning combination. It’s my ultimate medicine in life and the one thing that can help improve my mood, inspiration and reduce any anxieties I might have.

For me flow+outdoors = surfing, bouldering and skiing. The more I do these the HAPPIER I am.

Try and find what makes you flow!

Anyhow, to the exercise.

Let me tell you, surfing is tough.

Those Pros make it look way too easy!

The main thing that exhausts me most is the paddling strength. Paddling then ducking and diving only to paddle more, and more and more.

This leads to my shoulders and arms being absolutely blasted!

So I created a little surf workout to build up strength in the upper body to help with this. To be honest this is a great workout for surfers and non-surfers alike. Either way it’s going to help you build some killer upper body strength.

The workout


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