Full body home HIIT workout

Full body home HIIT workout

Just a short and sweet post today.

I’ve made a workout video for you to give a go.

It’s my first one, so go easy on my presenting skills or lack of!

It’s a really simple circuit workout that doesn’t need any weights of any sort and you can easily do this at home in a small space as I have.

It’s only 15 minutes long so can definitely be squeezed in if your strapped for time.

Stay in time and stick to the plan if you can, but if you need easier exercises check below.

Grab some water, whack up the music and give it a go.



Bodyweight workout

13 minutes

  1.  Burpees (Avoid the full press up burpee by stepping out one leg at a time for an easier version)
  2. V ups  (bend knees to simplify)
  3. Squats vs squat jumps- 5 reps each (just do squats to make it easier)
  4. Press ups (perform on knees if tough)
  5. Hollow hold (bring the knees into the body and lift legs higher to make it easier)

Timed- 45 seconds per exercise, 45 seconds rest after all 5, 3 rounds.

Make it easier by having a longer rest and doing less rounds.

Make it harder by having less/no rest and doing more rounds.

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